Lesser's "First 50"
Celebrating the First 50 Years of Victor Lesser's Career in Computing
Friday, April 15, 2011


Time Session Description Location
8:30-9:00 AM Registration CS Lobby
9:00-9:10 AM Opening Remarks CS 151
9:10-10:30 AM Technical Session I
  • From outlier to mainstream or: How I learned to stop worrying and love TAEMS — Zack Rubinstein
  • Modeling the minds and simulating the bodies of medical patients — Sergei Nirenburg
  • Iterative deepening search for intellectual merits (in GILA) — Shelly Zhang
  • Simple versus complex: A question that started a career — Roger Mailler
CS 151
10:30-10:45 AM Break
10:45-12:15 PM Technical Session II
  • Coordinating about coordination — Anita Raja
  • Internet management with multi-agent systems — Toshiharu Sugawara
  • Refinement of strong Stackelberg equilibria in security games — Bo An
  • Current MAS lab research — Hala Mostafa, Chongjie Zhang, Huzaifa Zafar, and Yoonheui Kim
CS 151
12:15-1:30 PM Lunch CS 150
1:30-1:50 PM Cake Break
2:00-3:30 PM Session III: Multiagent systems impact the real world
Speakers: Dan Corkill, Tuomas Sandholm, Steve Smith, Milind Tambe, Thomas Wagner
3:30-3:45 PM Break
3:45-5:15 PM Session IV: Reflections on multiagent systems research: Past, present, and future
Speakers: Les Gasser, Michael Huhns, Katia Sycara, Mark Fox
5:15-6:00 PM Day Program Ends; Transition to Evening Event
6:00-7:00 PM Reception at Campus Center Marriott Ctr, 11th Floor
7:00-9:30 PM Dinner at Campus Center Marriott Ctr, 11th Floor

Saturday, April 16
10:00-2:00 PM Program Wind Up over Brunch

Victor Lesser's Home
24 Teaberry Lane
Amherst, MA 01002

To join a carpool meet at Lot 31 across from the CS Bldg at 9:45